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This game was produced using Iain Mcmanus's game framework. This is a student project created solely by a single programmer so the art is not at a professional standard. To play, just download, unzip, and begin playing the game. Once the game has started, there will be a menu giving you option to continue from your previously played game and there will be an option to start a new game. The only choice at your first play will be to start a new game as there is no save file. Once a new game has started, just press 'i' for a list of input.

The game has only 3 crops with difference salinity survival ranges, and 2 purchasable items for a single use. These 2 items are a desalinator (reduces the salinity of a tile), and a excavator that removes a single tile(the excavator is only usable once per turn and takes 10 turns to completely remove an obstacle).

The dimensions of this game's play window are 1500x1000, any monitor smaller than this will not be able to view all of the screen.

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Published 2 years ago
Tags2D, Isometric

Install instructions

Just download, unzip. and play.

The playable executable is within Iso-farming/Release


Iso-farming.rar 2 MB